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Saunders County Museum - Pictorial History 

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This pictorial history is a county photo album which presents a comprehensive look at the county's development from organization in 1867 to current times.  Imagine all the good times - as well as some sad times that can be recalled from photos.  And those too young to remember will be stirred to ask questions. 

The emphasis is on photos of people engaged in work, play, and family life as well as business activities, wars, sports, churches, schools, architecture, art, and celebrities. Unpublished and rare or unusual photos are especially interesting.  All towns and precincts are represented in the book.

Order your copy today!

Order form: (Sorry can not be ordered from the internet).  Please print this form and mail to the Saunders County Historical Society.  

Yes! I want to own a copy of IMAGES OF SAUNDERS COUNTY, A Pictorial History.

Please enter my order for ____ copies for the pictorial history at $39.95 each, plus $2.40 tax for Nebraska residents, and $5.00 for postage and handling, if mailed.

Mail to: Saunders County Historical Society, 240 N. Walnut, Wahoo, NE 68066

Your name: _______________________________

Address: _________________________________

City / State / Zip ____________________________

Phone ______________  Date ________________

For more information contact: Erin Hauser, our curator, (402) 443-3090.  The Saunders County Museum is located at 240 N. Walnut in Wahoo, Nebraska.